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Seven Steps Second

This course takes you through 7 simple stages to get you started. It gives you a focus, teaches you the basic tips and techniques to get you up and running. You can do it over 7 days, or condense some of the steps to do it quicker, or stretch them out to take your time. You will learn:

  • What lucid dreaming is
  • The difference between regular dreams and lucid dreams
  • How to set lucid dreaming goals
  • How to prepare for a lucid dream
  • How to recognise when you are having a lucid dream
  • What to do if you wake up in a lucid dream
  • What to do after your lucid dream when you wake up
  • How to achieve your goals after you have practiced the basics

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Note: The course structure assumes that you will begin the course on a Monday and end on Tuesday the following week, completing 1 lesson per weekday and using the weekend to apply the lessons into practice. It is highly recommended to follow this structure in order to gain the maximum benefit and clarity from this course.