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Why learn with LifeTools Training Academy?

Get up to speed quickly with our broad selection of courses. Do you need to learn marketing and SEO skills to gain an advantage? Learn how to launch a business on-line? Learn a new language, musical skill or craft? Learn how to generate creative ideas and use them for story telling or artistry?

Get involved in our courses today; join classes, make new friends and learn new skills!

The moving job market today means more people than ever are required to have changing and adapting skills to fit into ever-evolving work environments. Invest in yourself and your career by staying up to date on the latest trends in marketing, business strategy, personal development and much more!

We help small businesses by combining special courses in an area (such as marketing) and run a day course (or split) covering basics such as website marketing, SEO, social planning and customer growth strategies. You get access to a trainer to answer questions, in live time, and you get after sales support to act in an advisory capacity for guidance. Bespoke and arranged as and when. Click the button below to find out more!


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  Are you a coach, trainer or mentor and have a program you can run as a class?  Would you like to develop your own business by linking your course or power session with our platform and reach even more people through our unique partner program?

You can reach new people, grow, earn and make new connections as a teaching partner.  Click the button to find out more!

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