Course Outline Copy

  • This course assumes that you begin on a Monday, and end on Tuesday the following week. This is because the first 5 lessons between Mon-Fri are designed to be learning sessions to prepare you for the weekend. Over the weekend, you can attempt to apply the learning received over the past 5 sessions into practice (you are not required to complete any lessons over the weekend). The remaining 2 lessons are designed to be completed on Monday-Tuesday in the following week, which are aimed to assess your results over the weekend and fine-tune your dreaming experience. 
  • Additionally, while you are able to complete all of the lessons in one sitting, it is highly recommended to limit yourself to 1 lesson per day in order to stick to the structure outlined above and to give yourself enough time to process the new information.

  • 7 lessons each centred on a different theme. 10-15 minutes of content delivered in each session. Lessons 1-5 are to prepare you for weekend dream sessions, where you combine all of the elements learned throughout the week and try to apply them in order to achieve a dream goal. Lessons 6-7 are for feedback on how the weekend sessions went and to conclude the course.

  • Most lessons also have a small quiz attached at the end; these are not assessed and there is no pass mark required to move onto the next lesson. They are simply aimed to reinforce some of the main learning points.

  •  The aims of the course are to introduce you to the basic techniques and exercises needed to improve frequency of lucid dreams/ability to recall dreams. As well as this, it aims to give you direction and guidance on where to go after the course has ended if you wish to maintain development and progression.